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Women and Agriculture: Illustrating the Gender Gap

Submitted by LilyMichelson on September 23, 2013

FAO Gender and Climate Change Infographic

What would happen if women had equal access to resources and power in agriculture as men?   Would it make any difference in feeding the forecasted 9.6 billion persons by 2050? The infographic above highlights some of the key areas of inequality for women in agriculture. As is indicated in the photo, the persisting gender divide greatly inhibits access to productive resources and opportunities that could otherwise be harnessed to alleviate world hunger. In fact, if women had the same access as men, agricultural output in developing countries could rise by 2.5-4 percent! If the world population does, in fact, reach 9.6 billion persons by 2050, agricultural production will need to increase by 60 percent from its 2005-7 levels in order to meet these demands. Coupling these figures with the projected effects of climate change on agriculture, rural women in developing countries represent one of the greatest underutilized resources for achieving food security.

If you are interested in learning more about the gender gap, check out this interactive infographic and informative video!

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