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NYC says feed people, not landfills

Submitted by OliviaEvans on June 21, 2013

New York City says it’s about time that we start feeding mouths instead of landfills.

Soon, Mayor Bloomberg will announce his plan to require the city’s 8.4 million residents to compost by 2016. Food scraps make up about 1.2 million tons, or 35% of the city’s landfill waste every year. Since special landfill delivery service to states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina costs nearly $80 a ton, a composting program could save taxpayers up to $100 million annually. That’s big cash.

Previously, New York had always been hesitant to implement a composting program because of the city’s dense population. But now even the Big Apple is taking on the zero food waste challenge. The challenge is daunting, but also inspiring. If New York can handle it, who can’t?

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